Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 26- Photoshoot

There's not a whole lot going on this week so I'll give a quick update and then this post will be a little different...

Logan is still doing just awesome. They have started back his feedings this week which he seems to be tolerating well. He is off his antibiotics and they took him off his ventilator again today. We'll cross our fingers and see how long he lasts. He was doing pretty well when I left him. They had to put a chin strap on him because he was mad and trying to scream and just wouldn't keep his mouth closed. He was letting all his pressure out through his mouth so they put the chin strap on him so he would have to keep that little mouth closed. I also got the results of his latest head ultrasound today and his was looking very good.

                                                                   Like my manly bow?

Little Leila is looking better everyday. The doctor said her job right now is to rest and heal so they are trying to not mess with her very much. Her belly is looking a lot better and the surgeon has been checking in on her every day. They have been able to go down on her ventilator and are weening her off of her pain medication. Her head ultrasound also looked pretty good.

Praising God today for all the small steps forward!

Now for a little fun...Logan has so many cute poses I thought I would show some of them off tonight...


                                    Walk like an Egyptian...(or practicing for kids church songs)

                                                              Who are you looking at?!

                                                 Please close my curtains so I can sleep...

                                                                   Praying for sister

                                                                      and The Thinker

And I can't leave out my beautiful little girl...

                                                            She loves her tummy time.

Sleeping Beauty

                                                            Getting held for the first time

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  1. They are so precious. Little man seems to be taking after his momma, the temper tantrums, not keeping his mouth shut.............I think you are going to have your hands full with him!

    Leila is so beautiful and is looking so much better. I'm hoping, and still praying, that she has turned a corner and it will just get better from here.

    I love the pics, they are wonderful. I love seeing my new Great niece and nephew. Thank you both for starting this blog so that those of us that can't be there can keep up with their progress. Love you all.

    Auntie P