Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy 18 months Logan and Leila!

Tomorrow marks 18 months since the best and worst day of our lives. The babies have come so far and we are so very proud of the both of them!

Logan is our little comedian who thinks he's the boss of the house.

Leila is our little princess. Just a sweetheart who will cry if her brother gets in trouble.

Leila is very much a Momma's girl (which is ok by me). We know she needs a little separation from me so we've been trying to leave her in the church nursery during service and Sunday School which she has done fairly well with. We've also been trying for a little bit now to get her into a preschool program in Murfreesboro. It wasn't without some pushing but we were finally able start this week. The hours are kind of like a Mother's Day Out but although she is behind where she should be developmentally because of her CP, at this center she is in a class with her peers. Her teacher is WONDERFUL. They get the benefit of reading the notes that her PT and OT make each week so they can work on some of those things there as well. It's such a blessing to be able to take her and we're very excited to have this opportunity!

Today was her first day and I discovered something. Although I've worked in childcare before and I know what it's like to be on the teacher side of pulling a kid away from their parent, I had no clue what being on the parent side would be like. I'm not going to lie, I balled. Did I mention how awesome her teacher is?! Knowing the state I was in having to leave her there she texted me pictures so I could see she was ok. When I picked her up her teacher told me she did cry some but it was a good first day so that was encouraging.

Logan could attend as well but we have decided not to send him. We decided it would be good for him and I to get to spend some time, just the two of us while Leila is at preschool. Today we went in Hobby Lobby and I let him get down and walk himself. He thought that was great! He started trying to run from me and thought it was just hilarious! We then went to Target and he got to play with the toys there. He threw a good little fit when I made him leave :(. His favorite toy he found was two little shopping carts. He wanted to push them all over the store.

Overall, today was a good day and I can't imagine life without these two blessings (no matter how hard their grand entry into this world was!). What a journey it's been but HAPPY 18 MONTHS LOGAN AND LEILA! We can't believe it's already been 18 months!

This is how I had to leave Leila today. See why it was so hard?!
Logan's favorite toys in Target today. 

talking on the "phone" (remote control )

Leila sitting up all by herself!!!!

See the pony in the corner? Well, since we got those at their birthday party, Logan tries to ride us all :)

Crazy hair!

He won't ride in the seat. This is how he likes to ride in the buggy so he can play with everything we put in there :)