Sunday, November 15, 2015

Prayers as we go to New Jersey

           Several months ago, I kept seeing a procedure discussed on a CP page that I follow on Facebook. It sounded like something that would be good for Leila so I started researching. As of right now there are only two doctors in the whole US who do this procedure. One is in Texas and one (the one who started the procedure) is in New Jersey. It's called SPML (Selective Percutaneous Myofascial Lengthening).
           As the name suggests it is a lengthening procedure that will help the muscles/tendons work more normally. We have thought long and hard and prayed about this and we feel like it is something we need to do for Leila. Her developmental neurologist at Vandy recommended the doctor in New Jersey. I made the calls, sent the paperwork and videos, and got the process started. I got the email back saying that Leila would be a good candidate. So, here we are! We are going to New Jersey in just less than 3 weeks!
           This surgery could be life changing for Leila! There a lot of reasons we are choosing this procedure over other procedures that can be done here. TRUST ME, I have done the research and we feel this is the best option for Leila. We are scared, nervous, anxious, excited...just about every emotion you can imagine. This is a big undertaking. We hope you will pray for us to have safe travels and that this procedure will be completely beneficial to Leila. 

           If you would like to learn more about the procedure and why we would choose to go all the way to New Jersey over having one of the traditional procedures done here you can visit Dr. Nuzzo's website. There is a TON of information there. Here is a link to a FAQ page about the procedure.

           I'm also open to questions. Feel free to ask!