Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Way To Donate

As most of you know Leila was diagnosed with cerebral palsy just before the twins' first birthday. Immediately she started intensive therapy. She sees her speech therapist, occupational therapist, and physical therapist every week. She also attends a developmental preschool two days a week. We also continue to check in with her eye doctor, neurologist, as well as other specialists.

Along with going to therapy, Leila needs special equipment to use at home. Everything in the special needs community is very expensive and we get very little help. So, we have opened a PayPal account in Leila's name that is directly linked to her bank account. If anyone feels led to donate we would be forever grateful for the help!

Here are a few examples of things we are needing right now...

A gait trainer. Her therapist wants her to have a Kid Walk (pictured below). This will aid her in learning how to walk. Cost: around $2500.

The GoTo seat by Firefly. This is a lightweight seat that would help support her in any kind of seat. I could actually take the twins to the store with me by myself because Leila could sit in the cart. She could sit fully supported in a restaurant high chair (or any other chair) among MANY other day to day uses. This would help our lives in so many ways.
Cost: $265

The Upsee Harness. This would allow Leila to be strapped to an adult and walk along with us. This would also help her learn to walk. Cost: $489.

We're just throwing this out there in case anyone feels led to donate. We would be forever grateful for any and all donations to help get our little girl the equipment she needs to make her life a little easier. If you would like you can just click the donate button below. Also, feel free to share the link!

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider!