Sunday, March 18, 2012


We have made it two weeks now. Still seems like an eternity. Leila has had a rough two days. She is ffighting for her life, but the doctor said she was looking a little better today than yesterday. They are keeping a close watch  on her. She needs so many IVs right now that they have just about run out of places to put them. And the one in her right leg is messing up the circulation in her foot so two of her toes have turned black. The doctor said they can't do anything for it right now because they need that IV in her. He said that it looks like her toes should return to normal but sometimes the tips of their toes fall off when this happens. Another thing to add to the list of miracles we need from God.

Logan seems to be doing ok. He has the normal ups and downs with blood oxygen, blood pressure and heart rate expected from a pre-mature baby. Overall he seems to be doing ok and we hope that his numbers will level out so he can start feeding again.

Please pray for them both. And when you pray, think about your own children and if you had to choose between staying alive or losing some part of your toes. Maybe it will change the way you pray.

It's hard to take pictures right now with them so sick. When they start getting better again, then I'll post some more pictures.

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