Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 16- A Bittersweet Day

The upside...
Today was a special day with Logan. He is doing very well right now. All his vitals have been good, he has no more light over his bed because of jaundice, and no more humidity in his bed either. He actually threw a little fit today. It was a bit funny. His heart rate went up and the nurses went to check on him. His face was wrinkled up and his arms and legs were going everywhere. Looking at his little face you could tell he was just throwing a fit and he would be screaming if he could. The nurse let me stick my hands inside his bed to try to soothe him and within just a minute of talking to him and holding his little hand he settled down and his heart rate returned to normal. What a wonderful feeling it is to be able to soothe your baby.

Because he has been doing so well, I got to hold him for the first time tonight. It was a pretty big undertaking for the nurses with all the stuff still connected to him but the nurses didn't seem to mind. They said as long as he is doing well it would be good for one of us to hold him each day for about an hour (or as long as he tolerates it). Tonight, he seemed to love it. He snuggled right in and seemed as content as could be. I can't put into words the emotions I felt today holding my little boy for the first time.

The downside...
It's hard to get so excited because you have one baby doing so well when you have another right beside them that's not doing so well. Little Leila is still struggling to hang in there and is still one very sick little girl. I know some of you have heard what one doctor said but I am not even going to repeat it. We are choosing to listen to the positive people, like Dr. Blake who has been working with little ones for over 30 years, and tonight's nurse, instead of the negative. Dr. Blake told us that she definitely is one sick little girl but that she is a strong little girl and unless she takes a much different turn he sees no reason that she can't pull through. Our nurse told me about another set of twins she took care of and one of them got as sick as little Leila. Today they are three years old and doing just fine.

There are a lot of doctors and nurses taking care of our babies right now and we are very thankful for all that they do. However, we know the Great Physician who is also watching over our little ones. He has performed many miracles and we are praying and waiting for one for our Leila. Please continue to help us lift up our little ones to the Lord.

                                                                      Holding on tight

                         She is going to be a daddy's girl. She already knows and loves her daddy's touch.



  1. They are so beautiful Brian and amie!!! We are all praying as hard and as much as we can!! We love yall very much!

  2. What a sweet blessing to hold your son! We continue to pray for strength and health for each of you and miracles for sweet lil Leila.
    ~M&T Hill~

  3. Our family continues to pray for yours.

  4. You guys are in our prayers throughout each day. We are thankful for the updates, for we are with you in spirit. The pictures are wonderful, you can tell Amie is a natural mama. And the one of Leila holding Brian's finger is so special and unforgettable.

    Love & Blessings, Jim & Lucy and the Children

  5. I finished her cape this morning and began on Logan's. I was mowing mom's yard today and her dogwood tree is small, where mine is really tall. I got slapped in the face with a branch, and as I stopped I looked at the bloom. I saw the blood stain for Jesus, and thought of Leila, I asked God to please heal her. I believe she will get better, but I think it will be around Easter. I think she is going to remind everyone, and not just her, but Logan as well. I believe we are all going to remember the greatest gift we ever received, and on Easter you and Brian are going to have not only one reason to rejoice, but three. You are going to rejoice because your Savior love you, you are going to rejoice because Logan is doing wonderful and growing strong, and your are going to rejoice, because you sweet Leila is doing good and growing strong. I love when the dogwood trees are bloomed, every day I walk by mine I think of ya'll and your babies, and send a prayer up. As for holding your child for the first time, there is only one other thing that makes you feel so much love, holding your grandchild. It's weird you love someone truly, but your child is so different, and you know you will love them, but you just have no idea until you hold them for that very first time. I'm glad you got to hold Logan, counting the days until you get to hold Leila, and even if she becomes a daddy's girl...she will still love her mother dearly.

  6. Hey guys, been thinking about and praying for you all. Those little ones are just beautiful which I knew they would be. Its hard for me to think about my Amie being a mom, you should still be little and throwing your temper tantrums!!

    Amie Thank you for sending me this blog so I can keep up with what is going on. Remember that Logan and Leila have a special angel to watch over them. I believe Ethan is there helping to take care of them and will help them to grow strong and healthy.

    I love you all and will continue to follow along on the blog. If I can do anything please let me know, no matter what time day or night. Take care of yourselves also and get plenty of rest because once those 2 are home you won't get any!!

    Love You.
    Auntie P (Paula)