Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today there were more ultrasounds on the little ones heads. Logan's results were positive. Leila's were not. Her ventricles in her brain have not improved. The gray headed doctor showed us the areas of concern and told us that some babies with this problem have long term problems and some don't. Not very re-assuring, but this doctor has been doing this longer than I have been alive. He said that we shouldn't worry right now and that they would keep a close watch on it. The thought of my baby girl having long term problems sends me into a spiral of despair and worry, but what can I do? Nothing but pray and trust that God will hear my prayers (and the prayers of thousands of his people) so that the doctors can help her and that little Leila will be healed with no long term problems. If ever we needed a miracle, it is now.

I recall that Job lost everything except his life and he struggled with it. It took 38 chapters before God answered Job. When God answered Job, He answered him out of the whirlwind and spent 4 chapters showing Job his power. Then Job realized who God was and God restored him.

Job 38:4 Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if you have understanding.

Job 38:6 Who has put wisdom in the inward parts? or who has given understanding to the heart?

Job 40:9 Have you an arm like God? or can you thunder with a voice like him?

Here's the truth about me. I'm struggling right now to see why this is happening. Amie keeps telling me that she is going to be ok. I love that Amie can have faith when I am struggling. I guess that's why God brought us together. With faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. I'm trying to have enough faith. Please God move this mountain.

Leila was sleeping this afternoon. She needs two miracles - one for her little head and one for her little heart.


  1. Brian and Amie, Marcus and I are praying for you guys constantly. God can move mountains and he will. Faith is hard to understand especially for me. I can't imagine what you are going through but we are here for you and praying. We love you guys and they will get through this.

    1. Brian and Amie, Rockey and I are still praying for you and the twins! I am learning that Faith is one of the most important things God desires of us. He does love to give good things to His children. Under the circumstances, Brian, I think you and Amie are doing great. Our oldest spent 10 days with premies like yours and it was such a tough time to wait and see. We love you guys and pray for you many times throughout the day. We will pray for these miracles!!

  2. Hey, Brian and Amie, thanks so much for the blog. I check in daily on the twins. The problem now is that they aren't just your twins, we all think they belong to us! Our kids pray every day for "Bro. Jimmy and Mrs. Patty's babies." I guess in times like these, you just have to trust that God is a good God and that he wants the best for His children. If I get down to Chatt. to visit my family, I'll definitely stop in to see you.

    Rebekah Van Der Hengst