Saturday, March 24, 2012


Logan already thinks he is a super hero. We walked in this afternoon and he had his arms stretched out like he was flying. I reached my hand in and he held on tight. It was a good day for Logan again. They were weening him off the respirator again. Maybe tomorrow or Monday he will be on CPAP again.

Superman? Not quite there yet little buddy.

Leila was stable again all day, so the doctor wanted Amie to hold her. So this was the first time Amie got to hold her little girl and I think both of them loved it. 

Amie holding Leila for the first time.

The doctor said that Leila's spinal tap cultures were showing some bacteria growth so that means she has another problem to overcome and another week or two of antibiotics. Logan's cultures were borderline so he is going to get antibiotics for an extra week too. The doctor was still concerned about Leila's belly since it didn't change much overnight. And she is going to need surgery to fix her heart murmur since it isn't closing on it's own. So here is what Leila's next two weeks look like:
1) more antibiotics (still not getting mother's milk and immunity)
2) possible surgery on her intestines
3) slow removal of the drain in her side
4) surgery on her heart to fix her murmur
5) recovery

After having a few good days, it's hard to think about the next few weeks. I am weak, tired and fighting off doubt in my heart. Admittedly, I am impatient and feel like I am not worthy of God's blessings. But I will pray anyway because there is nothing else I can do. God please completely heal both of Your babies and help them grow like they are supposed to.  Leila and Logan can't ask You to help them so Amie and I are asking on their behalf.

If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him? Matthew 7:11

I leave tomorrow to go to Huntsville for work. So unless everyone wants to read about defense acquisition (and you don't), I'll leave the blog updates to Amie.

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  1. We are rejoicing with you over Logan and Leila. I pray that they will not need to do surgery. Our 1lb 3oz Sarah just had surgery yesterday. Her intestines had perforated also and a portion had died. She made it through and is holding her own. It sounds like Leila is a fighter and a strong little girl also. This is emotionally exhausting. I totally understand being week, tired and dealing with doubt. You are not alone. This feels horrible. I know God is good and loves us but this does not feel good. I get focused on what is happening and how it tears your heart out and it is hard to hold on to the fact that He is good and will work all this out in His way. I love to read through the Psalms and pray them to him. I love the way David cries out to Him in in anguish and then finds the strength to praise Him. Praying these helps when I have no words of my own. Your family is always in our prayers and hearts.