Monday, April 16, 2012


Ever had a little one go off to surgery? It's no fun. Especially when they are 6 weeks old and less than 4 pounds  heavy. Leila had her surgery to fix her heart murmur and to get a central line placed in her chest (it keeps her from getting 2 or 3 IVs in one day). About 2 hours of surgery. She came through fine and her vitals have looked good all evening. She is still sleeping off the anesthesia so she doesn't respond to our touch or our voices right now. Hopefully tomorrow she will be feeling better. And Logan is still doing ok. They didn't take him off the ventilator today because he has been having a few "spells" where he doesn't breathe and his blood oxygen concentration drops. The doctor also mentioned that it looks like he has a hernia which will need to be fixed later on.

Thanks to all who have been praying for Leila and Logan. Thanks to Dr. Kelly the skilled surgeon who was successful at fixing one of Leila's problems. Most importantly, thanks to Jesus for keeping Leila strong and bringing her through for us.

All you prayer warriors out there, don't stop praying. We got over the hill today but the next week or two we are approaching the mountain. I am praying specifically that Leila's intestines will heal completely without the need of surgery. I want this for Leila but I also want this to be a testimony to Dr. Kirk. Dr. Kirk seems to be a pessimist of sorts (but a nice pessimist). She also likes to point out what ailments our children have then extrapolate to the "possibility" of the worst possible outcome (which I believe is mostly for the benefit of the resident students and partly to show how much she knows. I don't appreciate it.) I pray that God will divinely heal Leila and prove that there are greater things at work here than technology and medicine.


  1. We had the friendly pessimist also. I am praying that Leila will wow and astonish her as God heals her the way Sarah did her pessimist. I am counting on it. I am praying that she is that little miracle that causes other nurses and Dr.s to come by and check her out. I am praying for the opportunities you will have to be a witness of God's greatness to those around you. God has a big plan in this. I hope we get to really see a glimpse of it. I know we will never know the full impact until we join our Savior in Heaven. I am just thankful that we can stand assured that He is doing great things, whether we can see them or not.

  2. We join you in that prayer as well! Lord bless your family!

    With Love........Jim, Lucy & the Children