Thursday, April 5, 2012


Ever had one of those moments where you do something and can't remember if you did it or not a few minutes later? I had that discussion with some of my co-workers a few days ago. You do something so many times that you can't remember if you did it or if you did it right. I tend to forget what day it is or what time it is since I live in eastern time and work in central time. Did I put the bills in the mail? Did I lock the car door? What did I eat for breakfast this morning? Did I eat breakfast this morning?

It seems that all I do anymore is pray that God will make Leila better. That her intestines would heal properly. That her heart valve would close up. That her ventricles in her brain wouldn't cause any long term problems. That there would be no disabilities. And on and on and on...

Leila was looking a little puffy today. The doctor said she is retaining some fluids but they were planning to give her a diuretic to help. They also think there is a blockage in her intestines now that has either been there from the beginning or has been caused by scar tissue from where her perforation is healing. More tests next week and more waiting. I'm not enjoying this patience thing.

Aside from that, everything else seems to be going ok. Logan doesn't have any serious problems right now and when Leila recovers from her problems things should start looking up.

Oh and I picked the wrong profession apparently. It costs about $2500 per day for just the doctor for one day of care. Fortunately, our cost is much smaller than that and the insurance company appears to be filing things correctly for the most part.

Enough rants. Here are the pics.

Leila resting today. Looking a little puffy. Hair seems to be growing some.
This is the respirator that helps them breathe.

The monitor displays heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate and blood oxygen concentration

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  1. One thing Brian forgot to mention is that the Dr. said today that he doesn't think either will need the surgery for their hearts! Holding on to every piece of good news!