Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 32

Brian is back at work full time which means he has been driving over an hour each morning, working a full day, running errands back home, driving over an hour back to Chattanooga, and only having a few minutes with our precious babies before it's time for bed and he has to get up the next morning and do it all over again. Yes, he is a wonderful man and I don't know what I would do without him! That my friends is why you have not been blessed with one of his wonderful posts in a few days. Sorry, you get one of my posts again :).

First, I want to say that it was awesome to be back at church on Sunday. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful church family and we miss you all very much. To all the kid's in children's church: Thank you so much for taking the time to make us cards. We really enjoyed reading them all and we miss you all more than you will ever know. Thanks for all the prayers!

The past few days there haven't been many changes for our babies. Leila is still recovering but seems to be doing much better. She is almost as low as Logan on her ventilator now. Her belly has been soft and looking much better and she hasn't had much coming out of the drain she has going into her stomach. Dr. Blake said yesterday that her intestines are not as dilated as others have made it sound. They are also hearing bowel sounds again. Never in a million years did I think I would be so excited over poopy diapers :). The surgeon said he thinks she probably has a small blockage due to scar tissue from when her intestines perforated. We are very hopeful that once they decide it's time to go in they will find that her intestines are just fine and working like they should. God is good and has definitely been watching over and healing my baby girl.

Logan has just been doing his thing and hanging out. They are slowly weening his ventilator back down to the lowest settings again. He seems to be doing well with his feedings and is steadily gaining weight. He hasn't managed to take off any more of his diapers but he is definitely starting to let us know when he is unhappy. Yesterday, he was making a face and was moving everywhere. Being momma I was trying to figure out why he was so unhappy. The nurse told me I could go ahead and change his diaper and see if that helped. It didn't. We tried different things and I finally saw that he had spit up which he was hiding pretty well. The nurse cleaned him up and he was fine. He did the same thing later and all it took to make him happy was the nurse rolling him over into a different sleeping position. We will for sure have our hands full with these two. It's amazing to see their personalities coming through even when they are still so little.

Here's their stats as of 4/2/12:

Leila weighed in at 2lb. 12oz. (part of being her stomach issues but we think she is evening out now) and was 36.5 cm in length.

Logan weighed in at 2lb. 3oz. and was 35cm in length.

A few pics that haven't been posted yet...

The first time Brian got to hold his little girl.

Just missing little man
Logan resting on momma

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