Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Leila came through her surgery today. Dr. Kelly said that there were a few centimeters of her lower intestines that had to be removed because they were blocked from scar tissue (that was a result of her original problem). She seemed to be resting well this afternoon and I was told that she even opened her eyes some. She is going to have three battlescars: one from her drain tube that was in her side, one from her heart surgery and one from her surgery today. They will always be there to remind us of the hard times we all have been through.

The lady from infection control came by today to lay down the law (her name was Susan). Apparently she was on vacation last week and the next person in charge should have moved Logan on the day he started looking like he had an infection. So Susan made clear the difference between her and us on the food chain and decided that Logan would be moved to another pod tonight (although she wouldn't directly say it and we had to pull it out of her that she was making the decision). This was all done per "hospital policy" which nobody seemed to be able to understand last week and only Susan knew. Regardless, we couldn't do anything about it. We did sit down with Dr. Kirk and work out some of the friction we have had. We also talked to her about some of the issues we are seeing with hospital policy (especially the communication breakdown). I think she agreed with us and said she would elevate the issue.

This has become a real battle. Physically for my kids. Mentally, spiritually and emotionally for me and Amie.

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