Saturday, April 7, 2012


Remember last post talked about how much it costs per day to have physician care (about $2500 per day) and that thankfully this is NOT what we have to pay since the insurance pays a lot of it. I have been thinking some. WHY does it cost that much???

When people want to eat tomatoes and there isn't much production, the cost of tomatoes increases a little, but not so much that most people quit buying tomatoes. Now think of this from a little higher perspective.

When your car breaks down what happens? Some people have the knowledge and skills to fix it on their own but most people don't. So most people pay the mechanic to fix their car. These days that costs about $70 per hour. Pretty expensive. Lets go one step further.

Now you have health problems or twin pre-mature babies in the hospital with problems. There are only a handful of people who have the knowledge and skills to fix you or your babies. That means the cost becomes what most people would consider depressing. Ok, that makes sense why doctors make so much money.

I hope you see the trend now. The bigger the problem (or the more severe) the less people that can help you and the more it costs to fix the problem. Seems logical, who said they didn't need math when they grew up?

Let's follow this trend to the very end and most important point. Now you come to the end of your life. You are about to cross over death and into eternity. Who do you call to fix this; the pool of people to choose from has been reduced to one person. Do you have enough money to pay the debt; No, credits and paper money are useless and all the precious stones in the world were made by this one person. Do you have the intelligence to talk or negotiate your way out of this problem; NO, He is the way the truth and the life. These things were determined once and for all before we even existed. The Good News is that Jesus paid our sin-debt by sacrificing his perfect (sinless) life on the cross. He paid the highest cost to fix the biggest, most severe problem in the history of man. No-one else could pay for it or fix the problem. Whoa, that's big stuff.

And he rose from the grave three days later. That's called Easter. Happy Easter everyone. Leila is celebrating Easter with the little pink bow in her hair.
They put a bow in Leila's hair. How adorable.
Here's a better picture.


  1. your Leila is truly beautiful. i appreciated reading this post, i have never thought of it that way. i wish more people could see the simple logic of it. they may find out the hard way. we love you all- continuing in prayer. Mike

  2. Sending prayers, love and hugs your way..thank you for all the blogs and sharing your lives with us..and thank you so much for being so focused on GOD through it all, you are such an inspiration.