Sunday, April 15, 2012


Not looking forward to this week. Leila is having heart surgery tomorrow to close her murmur. The doctor's want her as strong and healthy as possible in case she needs intestinal surgery in a week or two. It will probably take a week for her to really heal up. Tomorrow is going to be stressful. To top it off, its going to be stressful at work later this week. Just want to warp into next Saturday and skip the next five days.
Logan holding onto Momma
Since the weather has been so nice the past two days, we decided to get out and try to get our minds off the coming week. We walked the pedestrian bridge over the Tennessee river, people watched at the park, walked around the park outside the aquarium and walked the trail next to the river. We saw some very funny and interesting things. I'll share for your enjoyment.

A guy was fishing off the river bank. He caught a couple of good size catfish.

This guy was about 10 feet away from the fisherman. I think he was waiting for dinner.

Some strange buoys off the river bank.

Not sure what they were doing. Dancing with colored blankets?

Water steps

Water cannons

It's not everyday you get to see superheros walking around in broad daylight...

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