Sunday, April 8, 2012


This is Leila and Logan's first Easter Sunday (or as my Dad likes to call them, Lola and Leigan). I think Leila was pretty happy about that. She was smiling at us all day long. First thing this morning, we went in and started talking to her and she smiled at us for the first time. Later on in the afternoon, we came back from church and started talking to her again and she was smiling again.

There hasn't been much change the past few days. The doctor told us they wanted Leila to be a little bigger before they give her the contrast solution to look at her intestines. They talked about doing it Monday but it might not happen for a few more days as long as she is doing well. Still no changes with Logan. They are both still breathing on the ventilator but at a low rate and 21% oxygen (like what we breathe).

We went home for a few hours to go to church for Easter service. It was a good day overall. I'll try to get Leila to smile again and hopefully catch it on video.

She is 5 weeks old and she already has 4 different hair bows...

Diaper time again.

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