Monday, May 21, 2012


How does God show us His love? One of the ways is through His people. We had two baby showers this weekend. I was again impressed with the generosity of friends, family and fellow Christ followers. All I can do is say thank you. Leila and Logan will be thankful one day too when we are able to show them the pictures of their baby showers.

Here's the update on Leila. She is still growing and they have increased her feeding again today. Every day she is able to continue handling the increased feeding she will get another increase in order to get her off the artificial nutrients the hospital staff call TPN. The TPN's have kept her alive the past 11 weeks but tend to make the liver and kidneys work overtime. All you prayer warriors out there, Leila needs prayer for her liver and kidneys so that her problems will be fixed in a few days when she reaches full feeding and comes off the TPN.

Logan still crusing along. Doing well on his reduced flow rate. Doctors are also watching his liver and kidneys closely.

Leila happy to be held by momma

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