Tuesday, May 1, 2012


We are still not sure what is going on in Leila today. She was responding better though. All we can do now is wait some more and keep praying.I can not describe how much I wish we could go home, but I would much rather be with my two sweet kids at the hospital than anywhere else right now.

Logan is still doing ok. He was filling up lots of diapers tonight which is a good sign.

If Paul was able to have joy in prison by the power of the Holy Spirit then I can too in this time of trouble. I find it interesting that Jesus told his disciples it was better for him to go to heaven after He arose from the grave. Why? Because then the great Comforter could come. That's the Holy Spirit and I need some of that power. (see John 16:7)

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  1. I am continuing to pray for your family. I just wanted to share that Joyce Meyers says to sing praises when you least feel like it and when you feel like you just can't pray. I can tell you that in the lowest moments in my life, it worked for me. May God give you a peace that defies all understanding!