Sunday, June 3, 2012


It has been a few good days. All that stands between Logan and freedom is being able to take all his feeds via bottle. Today he decided to start doing better and took two full bottles for me and Amie. He likes to verbalize how much he likes his bottles by "singing" to us. It sounds like a hum when he breathes out. He gets very excited and will eat really fast then stop to take a few breathes.

Leila is also doing better and is taking her bottle too. She had one good feed today and one yesterday. The doctor's are still weening her off the pain medication but she should be completely off that in a day or two. They tried her off the cannula twice now and she needed a little help. So they gave her the micro-flow cannula. She should be off all breathing support by mid-week. 

Guzzle, gulp, breathe, breathe, guzzle... repeat

You should have seen that bottle. It was this big

Leila just waking up

Off the cannula for a little while

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  1. So precious! We are THRILLED for all your good news!

    -The Wright Family