Monday, March 11, 2013

Long Time No Posts...

We are going to try to get back into the habit of updating the blog. We know it's a been a while. As you can imagine it's hard to get a chance to sit down these days.

The last we posted was after Leila's surgery was scheduled. Honestly, Brian and I were having a really hard time with it. We prayed for months about the fluid on her brain. When you pray earnestly about something for months and then you don't get the answer you want it's hard not to question God.  We wanted to know why He wasn't healing our little girl when we both really felt like the situation was going to go the other way. 

It's incredibly hard to watch your baby go in for surgery after surgery and to know this one needed to be done but having it done also meant the possibility of revisions (more surgeries) that could happen at any point all throughout her life. 

Anyway, Leila had her shunt placed on October 10th and praise the Lord we are at the point where we will only have to check in with her neurosurgeon once a year (unless we have concerns that something is wrong). She has done very well with it. 

This winter we have definitely not been out of the house much at all. All of the twin's doctors warned us multiple times of the danger of them getting sick so we have done our best to keep them healthy. So far we've only had to fight off a couple colds all winter long. We want really bad to get back into church. Hopefully once flu and RSV season over we can do that. 

Now for a little update on what they've been doing lately...

Logan has been doing an army crawl for a while now. Just yesterday he started crawling the right way :). He's getting pretty quick and follows me around the house like a little puppy dog. He pulls up on anything he possibly can. He's into everything. He's so smart. He even knows how to use the tv remote. He babbles all the time. He's Mr. Independent and thinks if you can do something, so can he. He's definitely my wild child.

Leila is very smart and definitely knows how to get what she wants. She's the princess. She also babbles all the time.  She's behind on her motor skills so about a month ago we saw a developmental doctor at Vandy. This doctor diagnosed her with CP but said she sees a lot of potential. Leila tries so hard and wants to be doing things right beside her brother. We've started therapy seeing PT and OT every week and I work with her at home every day as well. Her therapists have high hopes for her (so do we!) and are impressed by how quickly she is progressing. I'm so proud of her. She works so hard. We know she's going to great things :).

A major milestone was celebrating their FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! So many people to thank in helping us get to this day! Thank you to the angels who came by helicopter the day they were born to help save their little lives. Thank you to the doctors and nurses and all our family and the few friends who have  helped us through it all from day one to the present! We love you and are thankful for you all!

my pretty boy

"helping" mommy with laundry

Testing out daddy's guitar

brother/ sister love

having fun playing together

Happy Birthday Leila and Logan! (party to come in June)

the aftermath :)


  1. Amie honey I'm sorry but in that first picture I can see Logan's Uncle Adam coming out in him! I feel for you having a child just like him! LOL The mischief is just rolling off him in that pic.

    Looks like they both really enjoyed the cake! Very cute.

    What a sweet baby girl, loving on her brother. So precious. In a couple of years she may not want to do that anymore if he is like most brothers he will be aggravating the snot out of her by then!

    Thank you for the wonderful updates! I can imagine you don't have much time at all with 2 to keep up with.

    Love you!
    Auntie P

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