Saturday, August 4, 2012


I know there hasn't been a real update lately and we are sorry. This has been a very busy but blessed month home. We have had so many doctors appointments, many with trips back to Chattanooga or even Franklin. Leila's had more appointments than Logan with every specialist you can imagine. We've been to the pediatrician, retina specialist, gastroenterologist, neurosurgeon, cardiologist, pulmonologist, pediatric surgeon, hip ultrasounds, head ultrasounds, lab work, weight checks, NICU developmental clinic, etc., least two appointments every week BUT things are looking good : )

We've been to the neurosurgeon several times for Leila since we have been home and thank the Lord we haven't had to get a shunt. We're still not out of the woods yet but the first ultrasound was improved and has since been stable. He says if it continues to be stable we can start spreading our visits out a lot more. They won't do a shunt unless they absolutely feel they have to for her health. I like that we have a doctor whose not going to rush into something permanent. The cardiologist said her heart looks great and doesn't feel like he needs to see her for another check-up for several months. We're still on a little bit of oxygen but we did an overnight home study this past week and she is keeping her oxygen levels up much better than when we left the hospital so hopefully that won't be much longer. The eye doctor feels like her eyes are also doing great so he said one more visit to him and we should be done with regular check-ups there as well. We've also been able to come off some medicine that we had to come home on and they say she is exactly where she should be developmentally at this point. Overall, Leila is doing great! We couldn't feel more blessed!

Logan hasn't had to have as many doctor's visits. When we first came home we thought he may have to have eye surgery but thank God his eyes have greatly improved to the point that we are officially DONE with the eye doctor for him! He hasn't escaped all surgeries though. He will have his first on August 14th to fix his hernia. Because he was so premature they will keep him overnight to monitor him afterwards. Logan is also where he should be developmentally and has done awesome since coming home.

Both babies are gaining weight very well. Our last weight check was this past Monday. Leila weighed in at 9lbs. 12oz. and Logan 8lbs. 12oz.! My babies are getting so big!

We are so blessed to be home and to not have had any scares or trips back to the hospital since we came home at the end of June. GOD IS GOOD!!!!

Now for some more recent pics...

happy girl

I've known Betty a loooong time. She came to meet the babies.
I've also known Brittany a long time. This was the first time our little ones got to meet each other.
My beautiful niece Alyssa came all the way from Key West to meet her cousins.

This was the day Logan came home from the hospital.
The day Leila came home.
It's kind of hard to tell but they take up sooo much more of their car seats than they did when they came home.

When Daddy is at work we try to eat together. We usually end up looking like this...
and this. It's so cute how they always find each other's hand/ arm to hold on to.


  1. Such a great update!! Thank you. And there is my Alyssa!!! So great to see the pics and how much they have grown.

    Love you all!
    Auntie P

  2. Thank you for bringing the babies to school last Friday! They are precious! I'm glad you're back to blogging so I can keep up with you.
    Leah Hunt