Friday, September 14, 2012


Everyone says that when babies are ready to eat more they will let you know. Boy do they! Both babies had been eating the same amount for several weeks and we were starting to wonder when they would want more. For the past couple of days they seem like we just can't get them filled up! They have been eating like crazy sending us back to the kitchen for more each feeding.

And, with eating more they have been sleeping longer : ) Wednesday morning they made it till 5 before waking up, yesterday they made it all the way till 6 (which is when we get up anyway), and today they made it until 6:30! So thankful that both babies are starting to sleep through the night. I think Leila would have for a while now but we were always afraid we would be up twice if we let her sleep and just got Logan up. We had to make a trip to Chattanooga yesterday and I got to make the drive on more than 3 hours sleep which felt REALLY good! (We are done with  the pulmonologist. Another specialist crossed off the list! :))

We're also getting close to being able to try something other than formula. This week we have been able to start giving them a little juice (not sure either one of them are thrilled with it yet) and soon we will be able to start trying baby oatmeal. I can't wait. When we're at the dinner table Leila will watch every bite go from my plate to my mouth...I think that big girl is ready for some real food : )

So thankful that my babies are continuing to get bigger and stronger with each passing day but kind of sad that they are growing so fast...

P.S. Please keep us in your prayers as we will be seeing the new neurosurgeon on Monday. We are just praying for some answers...

This past weekend we decided to get out and get some fresh air. This was our first family outing to something other than a doctors appointment. This is just about all the babies did.

Isn't he handsome?! Our first family trip to the park.

Leila playing with her toy.

Logan with his toy. Thanks Nanna!

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  1. That is awesome that they are sleeping so well now. I love that Leila is ready for real food, guess she figures it tastes better than what she is getting now.

    I pray that you got some answers from the new neuro yesterday and that everything is good.

    The pictures are really good and I'm so thankful that your little family got to get out for something other than doctors appointments. This is the first of many!!!

    Love you all!
    Auntie P